*Someone does something terrible.*

Online ‘Christians’: ‘May God convict him of his sin!’

You know what? No. May God raise up a godly prince to remove pieces of him until he is no longer able to commit such evils.


This is the religion of every ‘Christian’ Zionist — an altar built to a false god worshipped by lies and slander; apostasy with regard to God and treason with regard to nation.

There is no pit deep enough for such wicked men.


A harlot can give up her harlotry — and certainly she should do so, even if only for the sake of her soul —, but the physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of her behavior will remain for the balance of her life.

Any man who would become her head must take this into account.


A woman’s virginity is among her greatest assets. The woman who gives it as a gift to her husband builds up her dignity and her home; the woman who gives it away carelessly will inevitably sink deeper into depravity and sin — and she will seek to drag down others with her.