In the final analysis, it is not that we hate that which stands before us, at least not more than is necessary to do what must be done; rather, it is that we love that which lies behind us, and will do whatever is necessary to preserve it — and them.


Letztendlich hassen wir nicht das, was vor uns steht, zumindest nicht mehr als notwendig ist, um zu tun, was getan werden muss; vielmehr lieben wir das, was hinter uns liegt, und werden alles tun, was notwendig ist, um es — und sie — zu bewahren.


Everything against which the National Socialists warned has come to pass in the Judeo-Capitalist West.

If you still believe they were the wicked side in World War II, then you are tacitly approving of transgenderism, homosexuality, and all manner of evil.