In fairness to Baptists, the average household in the US (a country that has largely followed Baptist ideology) has become precisely what they contend it was in the New Testament — childless.


It is insufficient to remove the usurers from society, e.g., through deportation; it is not a Christian solution to export evil to other lands and other peoples.

We must, instead, remove the usurers altogether.


There was — in the recent past, within living memory — a government that fought for the worker, defended the family, honored the woman in her proper role (mother and homemaker), and protected the Church from those who would assault and desecrate her.

We can do it again.


Modern idiots: ‘Race isn’t real and the ancients didn’t recognize it.’

The Greeks: Literally named Ethiopians after the color of their skin.

Julius Caesar: Wrote an entire book about wars with the French.

Tacitus: Wrote an entire book titled ‘Germany’ on the Germans.


When a White marries a black, he (or she) brings into his (or her) bloodline the Curse of Ham.

For the sons and daughters of Japheth, who are not by nature subject to Ham’s curse, this is deeply unwise and usually sinful.