‘Trickle-down economics’ is, in essence, a Capitalist repackaging of the aristocratic economy without the aristocratic class, as Capitalism produces only plutocrats and kleptocrats — never aristocrats.

The problem with trickle-down economics is that the aristocrat who hails from the same blood as the people beneath him will have a natural affinity for those over whom he rules and whose livelihoods he does not merely control but actually maintains, and he will recognize that his own livelihood in turn rests on those very men, but the Capitalist will forever and only see those beneath him as widgets to be exploited, expended, and replaced — there is neither affinity nor love in the heart of the Capitalist, only avarice.

And so trickle-down economics cannot work, for it is a sardonic perversion of a good system, but with its beating heart removed; it is a reänimated corpse passed off as a living, breathing man; it is a wicked thing wearing the skin of the selfsame good thing it murdered.

If you would restore right order to things, you must restore the aristocratic class, for the problems we face are not first and foremost economic, but moral, and the economic can never address the moral; rather, the economic must be commanded and controlled by the moral. To do otherwise is to invite the very hell in which we now find ourselves so deeply mired.


Es ist der Nagel, der den Schuh hält, der Schuh, der das Pferd hält, das Pferd, das den Reiter hält, der Reiter, der die Burg verteidigt, und die Burg, die das Königreich schützt, welches verloren geht aus Mangel eines Hufeisennagels.