We far too often overlook the absolute absurdity of having entire portions of most of our large cities where it is too dangerous simply to walk.

Any politician who does not have a plan to resolve this should be mocked.


A Christian should only ever say two things about women voting:

1. Women should not be permitted to vote.
2. Christian women, where they are permitted to vote, are morally bound to vote as their husbands command.


You cannot remove the evil influence of the Jew from your society unless you first remove the electric Jew from your living room.

Cancel your cable or satellite, Netflix, Hulu, Disney — all of it. Stop giving money to the enemies of all that is good and beautiful and true.


The sodomite is a natural traitor, for he is incapable of the natural affection necessary to build families, nations, civilizations — everything for the sodomite is subverted and perverted into the most base form of lust.

The sodomite is Satan’s perfect creation.