There were several major genocides in the 20th century — the first, of Slavic Christians by Jewish Bolsheviks; the second, of German Christians by Americans, British, and Russians, at the behest of Jewish Marxists; and the third, of yet more European Christians at the hand of Soviet Jews.


I do not support ‘Balkanization’, partition, or any other such thing, for my forefathers fought, bled, and died for this land, and I’ll be damned before I willingly cede a square inch of territory.


For over a thousand years, Europeans worshipped Christ and opposed the Jews — during that time, we ruled the world; for a century, we have supported ‘Israel’ — we are near, now, to total collapse.

There can be no question as to what God blesses and what He curses.


In point of fact, I am no radical:

Stick me in a room with my ancestors from any century prior to the 20th and we will agree on north of ninety percent of matters.

It is the world that has gone evil and insane.