If asked to ‘pray for Israel’, perhaps consider just modifying what they pray daily for Christians:

‘Let there be no hope for them. Let them be speedily uprooted in our days. Let them be destroyed in a moment. Let them be blotted out of the Book of Life.’


At the same moment in history in which God blessed the Christian forces who were driving the Muslim hordes out of Europe, God also blessed Europeans by setting us on a course of conquest with regard to the New World.

There are no coincidences.


Parents are required to store up wealth for their children and those who do not are worse than unbelievers.

What then are we to say of the Boomers who squandered centuries of wealth in the space of fifty years of profligacy?

At a minimum, they certainly are not Christians.


The man who tells you that he supports ‘immigration’ is telling you that he wants your mother, your sister, your wife, and your daughter all to be raped to death.

Respond accordingly.