The land of Palestine was taken away from the Jews because of their wickedness.

The British and Americans, in their wickedness, restored the Jews to Palestine.

The conflict will continue because virtually all parties involved are evil.


Never forget that the exact same people who keep telling you that Christian Nationalists hate all non-Whites are the ones now openly advocating for slaughtering men, women, and children with weapons and tactics that invite war crimes charges.


Zionists on Monday: ‘You have to let all these brown people into your country or else you aren’t a true Christian.’

Zionists on Tuesday: ‘You have to slaughter these brown people with incendiary bombs or else you aren’t a true Christian.’


‘Christian’ Zionists are — to a man — Mammon and Moloch worshippers.

They are not Christians.

The considerations we extend to fellow Christians are irrelevant when it comes to Zionists.


The ‘Christian’ Zionists would sacrifice their own children in order to ‘save’ Jews — this places the ‘Christian’ Zionist outside the faith, and Scripture calls him ‘worse than an unbeliever’.